Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Busy Week

Prep untuk Pengajian

What a busy groceries for the preparation, rolling, baking, cooking, frying....and voila... 300 pcs of delicious snack + a cake (so I love to think so :) are ready to be served. Sekali lagi in occasion towards my cousin's big day, I prepare him snacks untuk pengajian sebelum pernikahan berlangsung... and once again I feel good that I can help to please ;) His mom ordered 100 pastel, 100 risoles, 100 pc of cake + satu cake a complimentary from my beloved mom. Done, done, done and done! Was I tired?Yes, was I happy? of course I was and I am! Once again I'm here to please their stomach hehehehe....   

Proposal Cake

Luv Chocolate Cake

Congratz my dear cousin!!!  saudara (persususan) ku akhirnya mau menikah juga.... ;D and for a gift to him I present this special chocolate cake with luv for his soon to be wife... yup, this chocolate cake adalah salah satu seserahan saat lamaran dia untuk pacarnya yang juga sebagai simbol akan terikatnya keluarga kami dengan keluarga pacarnya...ooohh so sweet...rasanya jadi pengen dilamar lagi hehehe... 
And it's a relieve to hear that she and her family love it... Setelah selesai acara lamarannya, his mother called me dan dia juga bbm aku kalau pacarnya dan keluarganya like the cake dan sudah habis dimakan... hmmm that means that she really accepted his proposal ;D Always glad to feel the love in the air and also hear people love my cake... ;p