Senin, 26 Desember 2011

My Favorite Pasta in the World

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Yummy for the stomach 

My favorite pasta of all time...special recipe from my mom. Since I was a little, my mom always makes me this special spaghetti meat sauce, until now that I can make it on my own. This is the only spaghetti I like. I've tried all kinds of spaghetti in various Italian restaurant, and yet I found the taste of their spaghettis were not that special.  This particular spaghetti has the taste of simplicity and yet mouth-watering for the taste of the melting cheese inside the creamy tomato sauce mixed with meat. Hmm...and I just had one today :)

Thank you mom for the greatest recipe that you have ever given me among the hundreds of recipes of delicious meal.

Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Hubby's Delight

Macaroni Schotel ala chef wife

Love the cheezyness 

This macaroni I made was for a special occasion in honoring my hubby. It's a celebration, thus I made his special request of his favorite with extra love and cheese. In result, I was satisfied to see the smirk in his face, savoring the last taste of cheese in his lips. Creamy macaroni add a lot of cheese plus cream and of course a great amount of meat equal full and happy face and tummy :) 

ukuran single : Rp. 12.5000/pc ( with minimum order)
ukuran 18 x 18 cm : Rp. 125.000
ukuran 20 x 30 cm : Rp. 250.000

Notes: Harga di atas di luar ongkos kirim

My 1st American Mayonnaise Made in New Home

This is what I make in my spare time as a housewife. Special order from my hubby:

Super Size American Mayonnaise

Cleaning, mopping, washing, drenching, hammering...hey what do you know, I still had the time to make a special delight for my hubby: My first American Mayonnaise made in our new little home sweet home. Oh it's just a little crepe skin stuffed with smoked beef, cheese, egg, and mayo then fried away. However, though, it turned out it's not so little as I imagined it would be. Maybe because I made it with full of love and excitement as a new housewife, i got carried away. And it tasted so yummy.....said the hubby, and I'm satisfied :)

If you like to have a piece of it, you're welcomed to order by phone or text at 08111337752