Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

My 1st American Mayonnaise Made in New Home

This is what I make in my spare time as a housewife. Special order from my hubby:

Super Size American Mayonnaise

Cleaning, mopping, washing, drenching, hammering...hey what do you know, I still had the time to make a special delight for my hubby: My first American Mayonnaise made in our new little home sweet home. Oh it's just a little crepe skin stuffed with smoked beef, cheese, egg, and mayo then fried away. However, though, it turned out it's not so little as I imagined it would be. Maybe because I made it with full of love and excitement as a new housewife, i got carried away. And it tasted so yummy.....said the hubby, and I'm satisfied :)

If you like to have a piece of it, you're welcomed to order by phone or text at 08111337752  

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