Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Hubby's Delight

Macaroni Schotel ala chef wife

Love the cheezyness 

This macaroni I made was for a special occasion in honoring my hubby. It's a celebration, thus I made his special request of his favorite with extra love and cheese. In result, I was satisfied to see the smirk in his face, savoring the last taste of cheese in his lips. Creamy macaroni add a lot of cheese plus cream and of course a great amount of meat equal full and happy face and tummy :) 

ukuran single : Rp. 12.5000/pc ( with minimum order)
ukuran 18 x 18 cm : Rp. 125.000
ukuran 20 x 30 cm : Rp. 250.000

Notes: Harga di atas di luar ongkos kirim

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